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                  • Product number:TH1
                  • Order number:611877
                  • Brand:144
                  • Standard:
                  • Minimum package:1
                  • Unit:
                  • Applications:Crimping of red perinsulated terminals, delivered with stopper HD20 for terminals, disconnects and pins from 0.34 to 1.5 mm2

                  Product desciption

                  Aluminium body
                  Exceptional low gearing
                  High quality crimping by linear movement of dies
                  Adjustable crimping of cable insulation by eccentric
                  Safety ratchet.
                  Positioner stopper
                  Crimping dies identification reference mark : 1 dash 
                  Delivered in individual box with control and instruction leaflet
                  Length : 290 m.
                  Weight : 0.490 Kg
                  TH 1 : delivered with stopper HD20 for terminals, disconnects and pins.
                  TH 1 S : delivered with stopper HF20 for terminals, disconnects, pins and
                  butt connectors
                  Complementary accessory :
                  PG1 : go-no go gauge.
                  • Company technical support telephone

                    86 755 8627 0938

                  • Consumer hotline

                    86 8627 0343

                  Room 713, 7/F., Coastal Building (East Block), Haide Third Road,Nanshan District, Shenzhen, P.R.China


                  電話:86 755 8627 0938/8627 0343